The Fort Fitness Member

Jay has been at The Fort since 2013. His body, mind and perspective on health and fitness have all completely shifted since then. Jay is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and competes with the best in the world.

He recently won a silver medal at the Pan Am Games because of how hard he trained and how well he ate and treated his body.

Jay is 42 years old, loves to travel with his wife and go hiking with his dog.

The Fort Fitness Member

Tom joined The Fort in 2017 and since then has made nothing but great, steady progress. Tom is almost 60 years old, loves to hunt, fish and he recently reached the summit of Mt. Washington with his 2 beautiful daughters. 

The Fort Fitness Member

Eli started at The Fort in 2017. Since then he has lost over 30 lbs and kept it off! He does not get tired doing his job as a plumber and he has so much more confidence in life. In the gym, Eli is one of the strongest with numbers like a 500lb deadlift, 400lb back squat and a 285lb clean and jerk.

One of the biggest areas Eli has improved on is his nutrition. Eli is 23 years old and he likes to hike, build things and hang out with his wife and dogs.

The Fort Fitness Member

Liz has been at The Fort since the 2012! She has learned a lot about exercise, nutrition and the power of improving thoughts and habits. Liz's self confidence is through the roof and she recently back squatted 205lbs. She has gotten stronger in many different ways. When she isn't crushing weights, Liz enjoys vacationing with her husband, Jay.

The Fort Fitness Member

Jim joined The Fort back in 2013 preparing for a hunting trip out west. He went on to crush the hunt and never looked back. He knew The Fort was where he would train for life and for the hunting and fishing adventures he lives for. 

Jim owns a car dealership, loves to walk his dog and go fishing with his wife.

This is my happy place! The coaches are always there to listen to your goals and help guide you to achieve them. There is so much that I have learned that needed to change outside of the gym to improve my results in the gym. The coaches really have helped me with those changes and helped break them down into small attainable goals.

Cherie S.

It’s like a home away from home for fitness. I really enjoy having my own individual workout but doing it with a group. The camaraderie is what makes it fun. I’m stronger and more fit at 33 than I was at 23

Doug E

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2014, I lost a lot of my strength, fell out of shape and started gaining weight.  I tried going to the gym myself but never knew what I should be do...

Shaun O

When I started at The Fort in October 2017, I was overweight and completely out of shape. My goal when I started was to get strong because I always thought losing weight and getting in shape was a ...

Eli R.

Don’t wait - call today!  I can’t put a price on the benefits that The Fort has had on my life. Not just my fitness but my whole life – nutrition, wellness, physical, and mental! I have a personal ...

Tracy M.