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We are 100% a Coach led gym, meaning each of our clients has a Coach and a True Coach application on their phone. If you want to join The Fort, you will receive world class coaching in an amazing community. 

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Great question! You will hear Coaches at The Fort say, "it depends." We can help guide you in the right direction, but first we want to sit down and have a conversation to get to know you! 

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That is an amazing question! You should check out our Nutrition and Lifestyle Membership here!

Yes! We are a CrossFit affiliate. We offer CrossFit in group classes and through Personalized Fitness! Read more about all of our Programs here!

It all starts with being ready and willing to work with a Coach and be honest about what you want. Reach out, have a good conversation and allow your life to change for the better! 

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We recommend getting started with Personal Training, since your Coach can really get to know how you move, what modifications need to be made and what your goals really are. From there, the client can choose a different membership or stick with PT! 

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Absolutely! We would love for you to get an accurate body composition measurement, regardless of where you exercise. We charge $30 per test. We would be happy to schedule a session by appointment. 

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We will offer Specialty Classes at The Fort like Olympic Weightlifting, Rowing, Running, Gymnastics and more!

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True Coach is how we deliver each of our Client's programs to their phone and email! The app features exercise videos, metrics and goal tracking, nutrition information and more.

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