The Fort Basics

At The Fort Fitness, we have established a list of basics. Our goal for people we work with is to eventually master them over time. We want these 6 essential habits to become like breathing.for our clients. 

The basics are:

  1. Water---drinking 1/2 bodyweight in ounces per day.
  2. Sleep---7-9 hours of sleep
  3. Food---fresh whole foods with lots of meat, vegetables and fruits
  4. Movement---30 min per day of walking in addition to exercise at The Fort
  5. Digestion---you are what you can digest---chew your food!
  6. Energy Rhythm---wake up with energy, go to bed sleepy

We coach all of our clients on these 6 basic guidelines. If you want to learn how to master them, reach out to one of our Coaches by clicking the link below:

PS. We recommend picking 1 of the basics and mastering that before anything else! 

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The Fort Fitness
The Fort Fitness

The Fort Fitness is now a 100% online/remote coaching business.

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